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We need to find solutions to our healthcare crisis to ensure that everyone can access affordable, quality healthcare. I want to move away from the employer-based model for healthcare access, and make sure that people are able to maintain coverage that is not tied to an employer. And we need to address the serious need for quality healthcare providers in rural areas like ours.


Our public education system needs to work for every child. That means proper funding, access to special education services, technology/high-speed internet initiatives, and anti-bullying measures. Our public education system is the cornerstone of a healthy society, and shouldn't be undercut by diverting funds through voucher programs. We also need to ensure that our schools are welcoming to kids from the LGBTQ+ community, as well as kids with special needs, and that all of our kids receive an education that is evidence-based.


We need to make sure that people who want to start small businesses are given the help they need to build those businesses and make them sustainable. I will do whatever I can to ensure the strength of our local economy, and to make sure that people have access to quality jobs at livable wages.


I want to make sure that we provide incentives for companies and individuals that use environmentally sustainable practices. We also need to foster the research and development of renewable energy technologies. We should be putting our public facilities at the forefront in implementing these technologies and sustainable practices.

Equality for All

I want to work toward a Minnesota that is fully inclusive of all its residents. this means welcoming Immigrants, respecting the rights and dignity of minorities, and making sure no one is made to feel like a second class citizen. We can and should do better when it comes to embracing diversity.

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